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  Inspection Center & Warehouse  
  100% Inspection  
100% piece-by-piece inspection ensures that every single product meets your requirements. It also demonstrates the strictest approach in order to guarantee the highest level of product quality.

Conformity of fabrics, colors, hand feel, workmanship, measurements and trimming to clients requirements is verified.
Functionality of the merchandise is checked.

Accessories, labels, hangtags are checked in detail. Packing Compliance is checked by verifying packaging, packing, carton condition and its markings and barcodes.

We follow strictly our clients' inspection manuals and protocols. We closely communicate with you in order to minimize and eliminate any problems at this stage of the supply chain.
  Warehouse Services  

In addition to the Quality Management in the Inspection Center we offer further add-on warehouse services in line with our customers' needs:

  • Counting, consignment stock management
  • Re-assortments management
  • Traceability
  • Scanning Station
  • Barcode Printing
  • Additional services

We have a state-of-the art IT-system that allows us to transfer data to the overseas Distribution Centers of our clients in real time.

  Metal Detector Inspection & X-Ray  
Conveyor type Needle Detector machines ensure maximum safety by detecting hazardous materials in the products before packing. Stringent rules apply for workers inside this restricted area. Also an X-Ray machine is available in order to detect hazardous materials inside heavy garments, bags & footwear.
  Repair & Remedial  

In a separate workstation the merchandise can be re-worked immediately on-site.

  • repair
  • stain removal
  • finishing
  • ironing
  • others
  Inspection Center  

Cosmos set up its first Inspection Center in 2013 just 4km from the Phnom Penh City Center.

Monthly capacity for the 18 inspection lines can reach up to 450.000 pieces. Inspection/Production targets are set and monitored constantly.

The second Inspection Center was opened early 2015 in a joint venture with Japanese Textile Institute Nissenken. It is located only 3km away from Phnom Penh International Airport.

In future the 16 double inspection lines will offer a capacity of up to 800.000 pieces per month.

  Management & Staff  

Having being established as the first Inspection Company in Cambodia in 2000, Cosmos has a large pool of highly trained and experience professionals.

Our long term investment in training and qualification ensures that our team of currently more than 100 staff is qualified to comply with all aspects of our clients

Parallel an approach of impartiality is essential for credible Quality Management.

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