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  Code of Conduct  
  Ethical Code of Conduct  

All Staff, Managers and Directors must follow Cosmos Corporate Code of Conduct:

  1. Integrity & Independence

    Employees are not allowed to accept any gifts or gratuities, from neither the company's customers nor suppliers.

    Gifts & Gratuities include tickets to entertainment events, benefits in the form of money or merchandise, special discounts, samples, hotel charges or trips etc..

    Employees have the duty to report any indecent offer made to them or involving the company.

    Failure to comply with these principles will result in the dismissal of the employee.

  2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    For any observations or findings inside manufacturers or other operational areas being deemed critical in regards to National Laws, Local Regulations, ILO Conventions or specific client's standards, the customer will be alerted instantly.

    Cosmos employees must always bear in mind to follow the local laws and directives, client standard references, and company rules and regulations.

  3. Information & Non Disclosure

    Inspections and Audits must be carried out according to international standards and in line with the specific instructions of our customers.

    Management and subsequently clients are to be informed about any developments or changes that might have an impact on our clients.

    Cosmos Services Co., Ltd. and its employees will not disclose confidential customer information to any third party

  4. Fair and respectful cooperation

    Cosmos expects from its employees a fair, respectful, friendly and objective approach towards its co-workers, partners and clients.

    Discrimination of any kind is not accepted! Cosmos does not tolerate any discrimination or annoyance regarding origin, gender, religion, age, handicap or other

    Cosmos encourage its employees to feedback and to bring in their own ideas.

    The sole criteria to develop and promote employees are performance, potential, ambition, interacting, experience and integrity.

  5. Conflict of Interest

    Cosmos expects from its employees loyalty. Other jobs – even part time - have to be approved. They must not have a negative impact on the interests of Cosmos.

    For internal decisions or in the decision making process with clients and partners only objective criteria are relevant.

  6. Environment

    Cosmos employees shall conserve the environment and company resources as far as possible. Electricity, water and other utilities shall not be wasted. Recyclables must be handed over to the appropriate persons or providers.

  7. Health & Safety

    The health and safety of our employees and visitors is of utmost importance.

    Cosmos health & safety rules are to be followed

    Marco Kalinna - Managing Director

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