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For any company the difference between success and failure often depends on getting the right advice. This is particularly true in today’s globalised commercial environment. In the quality assurance field, where issues are complex and unintentional consequences can result from implementing inappropriate solutions, companies can depend on Cosmos professionals to guide them through the maze.

In addition to functional specialists, Cosmos’s team of analysts and trainers keep track of all relevant aspects of quality assurance, such as legislative changes and political developments in the Southeast Asian region. Through its research Cosmos stays at the forefront of management thinking and can bring those ideas directly to clients through our training and counselling programmes, giving your organisation a competitive edge in the contemporary market.

Cosmos T&C services include:

  • Consulting manufacturers on compliance with international labour standards
  • Consulting factories on compliance with international security standards / C-TPAT
  • Coaching factories on behalf of owners and clients
  • Training staff on all quality and productivity related aspects

Cosmos T&C allows you to work side-by-side with our professionals to evaluate needs and recognise opportunities for improvement. Cosmos T&C ensures that improvements are permanent by identifying the most important issues and their root causes in your organisation. This gives your staff a genuine understanding of quality assurance issues and a proactive approach to their application, enabling your company to develop a self-sufficient culture of quality assurance, value, cost-saving and profitability.

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